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Agatha, 36 years old, BisexualBerlin, Germany
Ronald, 25 years oldStockholm, Sweden
Virgil, 34 years old, GaySydney, Australia
Arlene, 31 years old, BisexualParis, France
Scott, 24 years old, BisexualBerlin, Germany
Alan, 25 years old, GaySydney, Australia
Lambert, 34 years old, StraightMadrid, Colombia
Gregory, 38 years oldBerlin, Germany
Kurt, 36 years old, BisexualStockholm, Sweden
Lavinia, 27 years oldMadrid, Colombia
Marcia, 25 years old, StraightParis, France
Alister, 37 years old, GayStockholm, Sweden
Myra, 26 years oldStockholm, Sweden
Leo, 28 years oldSydney, Australia
Blanche, 35 years old, BisexualBerlin, Germany
Leslie, 40 years oldParis, France
Nettie, 27 years old, BisexualBerlin, Germany
Mercedes, 24 years old, BisexualMadrid, Colombia
Martin, 28 years oldBerlin, Germany
Lamont, 38 years old, StraightParis, France
Margaret, 24 years old, LesbianSydney, Australia
Arabella, 27 years oldSydney, Australia
Hugh, 26 years old, StraightStockholm, Sweden
Lambert, 37 years old, BisexualParis, France
Arabella, 25 years old, StraightMadrid, Colombia
Winston, 29 years old, StraightParis, France
rima, 26 years old, StraightDelhi, India
Arthur, 39 years old, BisexualMadrid, Colombia
Holly, 30 years old, LesbianStockholm, Sweden
Melanie, 24 years old, StraightSydney, Australia